Staff and Board

Board of Directors

Bruce Meagher – Director of Corporate Affairs, Foxtel


Lee Lewis – Artistic Director, Griffin Theatre Company
Lyndell Droga – Project Manager
Tim Duggan - Content Director, Sound Alliance
Kate Mulvany – Playwright
Simon Burke AO – Performer/Producer
Mario Philippou - Executive General Manager Transformation at Toll Global Express
Lenore Robertson – Associate Producer, Oriel Group
Simone Whetton - Partner, Colin Biggers & Paisley; 702 ABC Radio Broadcaster


Artistic Director and CEO – Lee Lewis
Artistic Associate – Phil Spencer

General Manager – Karen Rodgers
Associate Producer, Development – Will Harvey
Associate Producer, Marketing – Estelle Conley
Associate Producer – Nicole La Bianca
Publicist – Dino Dimitriadis
Communications Coordinator – Ang Collins
Marketing Coordinator – Lucy McNabb
Program & Administration Coordinator – Madeline Parker
Strategic Insights Consultant – Peter O’Connell 

Customer Relations
Customer Relations Manager – Elliott Wilshier
Bar Manager – Grace Nye-Butler
Customer Relations Team –  Ell Katte, Julian Larnach, Stephen Moore, Dominic Scarf

Production Manager – Kirby Brierty
Production Coordinator – Dana Spence

Finance Manager – Kylie Richards
Finance Consultant – Tracey Whitby

Brand and Graphic Design Re

Commissioned Writers Mary Rachel Brown, Melissa Bubnic, Katie Pollock